Cherokee Public Schools are located in the City of Cherokee, which is situated in rural Northwest Oklahoma. A tremendous history surrounds Cherokee Schools, and the district is proud of the academic and sporting traditions of times past, encouraging each of our present students to add their own achievements to the Cherokee Public School legacy.

A culture of excellence and achievement is instilled in each of our students, who are encouraged to perform to the best of their abilities at all times, while being offered the encouragement and guidance of our professional faculty and support staff.


Please browse the website and become acquainted with the staff, students, classes and activities that combine to make the Cherokee Public Schools the hub of the local community.


Monday, January 26
**Medford JH Tournament

Tuesday, January 27
**Medford JH Tournament

Wednesday, January 28
**Medford JH Tournament

Thursday, January 29
**Medford JH Tournament

Friday, January 30
**HS vs. Cimarron Home 6:30
** Medford JH Tournament

Satutrday, January 31
**Medford JH Tournament




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